Comparative activity of Micromeria barbata essential oil with different antibiotics on clinical strains of multidrug resistant Gram negative bacteria

2019-05-25 13:51:53

Saer Abdul Rahman Alwan1, Hiyam  Walid   Soufi2, Sami  Mohamed Zrayka2

1.     PhD D pharmacist Academic Researcher in the “MSRC” ( Medical Scientific Research Center ), AL JINAN UNIVERSITY, Lebanon

2.     Academic Researcher in the “MSRC” (Medical Scientific Research Center), AL JINAN UNIVERSITY, Lebanon


Background: Nowadays, multidrug-resistance (MDR) has reached a significant high level worldwide. Particularly, MDR Gram-negative bacteria are posing a big challenge in the search of natural products to replace conventional antibiotics. Natural products, especially those classified as medicinal plants, and particularly essential oils, have been around for centuries, fighting everything. They’ve been used in different aspects of life due to their biological activities including staving off anything from disease-causing bacteria and viruses to fungi. After conducting many studies,  we have shown that Micromeria barbata essential oil (EO) is effective against clinically important bacterial MDRs.

Aim: Our goal in this study is to compare antimicrobial effect of M. barbata (EO) with several families of antibiotics such as β-Lactamines, Quinolones and Colistine against MDRs.

Methods:  To achieve our aim, Micromeria barbata essential oil was extracted by hydro distillation method, from plants harvested from the mountains of North Lebanon, analyzed by analytical method using Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and then tested against eight clinical multi-drug resistant bacteria collected from a public healthcare setting. Disc Diffusion Method (DDS) and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) were used.

Results: The results of DDS and MICs obtained indicate same or better antimicrobial activity on the clinical isolates. 

Conclusions: The M. barbata (EO) showed similar and sometimes better activity in comparison with most antibiotics tested. For instance, no strain of bacteria has shown resistance to Micromeria barbata essential oil, while these bacteria were at least resistant to one of the antibiotics tested.

Recommendations: The broad spectrum of the antimicrobial activity of the oil, especially against multi-resistant pathogens, makes of Micromeria barbata essential oil a promising natural product to overcome different level of bacterial resistance.

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