Risk Factors of Osteoporosis among Adults in Gaza Governorates: Case Control Study

tareq 2019-05-25 13:51:18

Shimaa Hassan Salama1

 1Master degree of public health, Bachelor of Pharmacy, manager of Al salamah pharmacy


Objective: This study aim to identify the possible risk factors of osteoporosis among adults in Gaza Governorate.

Method: The researcher used a case-control study to identify risk factors of osteoporosis. Cases and controls were selected from Palestinian German Diagnostic Center after doing DEXA scan a standard method for diagnosis of osteoporosis depend on giving T score (Tscore < -2.5 osteoporosis, T score > -1 normal). A total of 160 participants were participated in the study 80 cases and 80 controls.

Results: The logistic regression analysis adjusted for age, sex and place of treatment showed that there was significant risk factors between development of osteoporosis and breast-feeding [(OR: 1.436, 95%C.I.: 1.436-26.842), P value = 0.015], while BMI > 29.9 showed a protective factor for osteoporosis [(OR: 0.871, 95%C.I.: 0.796-0.954), P value= 0.003]. In addition, significant risk factor was shown between family history and development of osteoporosis [(OR: 3.845, 95%C.I: 1.283-11.520), P value= 0.016]. Furthermore, there was a significant risk factor between using loop diuretics (Lasix) and development of osteoporosis [(OR: 6.967, 95%C.I.: 1.362-35.649), P value = 0.020]. Finally, significant risk factor between using antihypertensive drug and development osteoporosis [(OR: 3.004, 95%C.I.: 0.978-9.228), P value= 0.05].

Conclusion: the findings from our study suggest the need to pay attention for mother using breast-feeding to improve their nutrition during this period. In addition, special effort need to focus on causes of secondary osteoporosis as using loop diuretics, anti-hypertensive drugs and family history of osteoporosis. Strategies about health education program at primary and secondary level should be started to reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.

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